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29 December 2015 @ 09:52 pm

If you actually want to friend me, don't worry, I am quite sure I would never say no :D Just comment :)
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03 April 2013 @ 09:50 am


It is here! Please simply click on the banner to get to the Happy April Swap!

We had so much fun with the Swap in October, so here we go again! It is open to ALL fandoms again, of course. As last time I'd ask for your help in pimping it, you all spread the word amazingly last time, so let's do it again :) Thank you all so very much ♥ There are four beautiful banners made by viennajones over at the Swap post for you to use to pimp it out :)
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12 March 2013 @ 10:02 am
Squee-Challenge Prompt 2: Picspam: favorite favorite body part, piece of clothing or characteristic gesture.
Remember the picspam of my OTP Matti/sunglasses? I promised a few more like that, amongst them a Matti/scarves one. So for this prompt I am going to use the piece of clothing part of the prompt and collected a few pictures of Matt Smith wearing scarves :)

Matt and a few of his scarves.Collapse )
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08 March 2013 @ 09:36 pm
Squee-Challenge Prompt 17: Episode Watch: wax indignant or flail shamelessly about an aspect of the episode
(I have to admit I first read that as flailing about a certain scene of an episode, so I hope this works as well as an aspect of the episode. I first wrote the entry before going back for the prompt, so yeah *facepalm*)

This is squee about a scene in Game of Thrones S02E09 - so beware the spoilers for book 2 and season 2! While it is about the same scene, these are still two seperate spoilers in a way ;)Collapse )
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29 February 2012 @ 08:50 pm

Oh, Davy :(( I am so shocked! I don't want to believe this. I will always have so many amazing and fond memories in connection with Davy. Davy was part of the reason I found my best friend, and a few other lovely people! He gave us all so much joy. And I will never ever forget that he actually signed Roo's sign, even after ten years it still makes me smile and laugh. DAVY SIGNS EVERYTHING! EVEN PLAIN STONES *G* And Davy wants to just go home! "Monkees! Monkees! Monkees! Davy! Davy! Davy!". VAAAAAA-LLERIIIIIIIIII! Stripey!Davy! Radioactive!Davy!
I could go on like this forever! Thank you, Davy, for so much joy and entertainment. We loved to mock you at times, but only because we care! I will miss you ♥

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10 September 2011 @ 07:00 pm
A few pictures from Pierrefonds from wednesday and thursday. Nothing spectacular though, my camera is just a normal lousy camera ;)

Hm, no spoilers except for costumes, I suppose. But believe me, blink and you miss it ;) Oh, and there are two guest stars on the pictures.

Pierrefonds ... quite a bit of Tom HopperCollapse )
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07 April 2011 @ 12:47 pm
HERE IT FINALLY IS: THE DOCTOR/TARDIS PHOTO LOVE STORY! (Though I am afraid posting it will kill LJ again *wibbles*)

Many of you have followed the Doctor's adventures in searching for his TARDIS since he came to live with me last september (and I love my pretty feeces chaosmaka and luisadeza forever for getting him for me ♥♥♥)! If you haven't been here that long, here is a quick recap: We have seen him search for his TARDIS in my flat and on the crazy golf course and out on breakfast with us here (he may have not found his TARDIS then but he found a friend in Merlin. And got molested by Aragorn but let's not speak of that!) He's also been to Pierrefonds but had no luck there either. He then found Rudolph My Kitchen Helper but obviously he cannnot take him around time and space. He had a giant Jammy Dodger while taking a break from searching. We've also seen him getting his Ron-sized slave at the same time Merlin got his very own Arthur ;) But still no TARDIS! He never gave up though and as you all know he went to Frankfurt two weeks ago and finally finally found his beloved TARDIS. What follows now is the story of how that happenend :D

The times the Doctor has to buy a ticket for the tram are over *g*

Photo Love Story. How the Doctor met himself eleven times and finally found his TARDISCollapse )

persikay and I had lots of fun making this photo love story and we hope it made you smile at least a bit and that you are as happy as the Doctor that he has his TARDIS back now. After all she is his one true love, isn't she? ♥♥♥

As I promised, award winning material, eh? *g*
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08 September 2010 @ 09:43 am
The Doctor went to Camelot yesterday!

And he (and myself obviously) is very thankful to chaosmaka (and also to luisadeza) for all the driving! As I am a whimp when it comes to driving other people's cars and especially driving on the motorway :( I really need to get more secure with that.

Spent a lovely lovely day in Pierrefonds, I am so happy we had the chance to go :D More later. And pictures, which everyone has seen a million times before but whatever, and some of them have us as well, so there ;)

Oh, and before anyone asks: we have "only" seen ASH, Dale McCready, Jeremy Webb and various crew members, who were stalking us ;P

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15 March 2010 @ 05:06 pm
See? This is why my friends should not encourage me when I have silly ideas like creating a merlinicons100 community. I end up finding myself signed up :P

Anyway, here is my icon table for my 100 icons of Colin I will have to do in the next three months.

Your plane is delayed, so I walk from the gate / But when you appear, I"ll stick to you dear / And we"ll stumble outside, and dance in the sunlight / Like ice in the sun we"ll melt into oneCollapse )
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31 January 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Just a short explanation how these icons came about: My friend luisadeza and I went to a Brett Anderson gig last monday and afterwards she dared me to make 50 Colin icons using lyrics from Brett's solo stuff and I actually ended up doing just that. And here are the results. I am pretty happy with them, of the ones that fit the lyrics and also of the ones that are completely random. It also gave me a good opportunity to work on my text skills on icons which is not one of my strengths.

Anyway, enough babbling, onto the icons

I tidy your wayward hair / I buy clothes you never wear / I try to kiss all your tears away / I freeze you in polaroids / And capture your dark brown voiceCollapse )
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